endeavours amazing art by mehdi

Endeavors are not just projects. They are adventures, going to where no one went before into the unknowable and uncharted. 

Endeavors are never undertaken by just one person. It is always a group of pioneer spirited people going on such an adventure together with full commitment and an “all-in attitude”. 

Endeavors in their nature have no fixed, planned outcome, as new insights and discoveries can change the course, structure and content. Endeavors evolve with every new impulse and input. They are a joint undertaking with people who are ready to play together. 

Endeavors have the clear intention to breakthrough where the rest of the world breaks down. They bring the necessary, true innovation that most of the world is not able to see yet. 

Endeavours create the reference points for people to relate to and to find direction. 

The nature of true endeavours is unforeseeability. They require a flexible mindset in order to be able to navigate. Endeavours might seem risky to a logical mind, but are intriguing to a true entrepreneur and/or enabler. 

Old tools won’t create new things and in this case, business plans, risk management, KPIs, time-based milestones etc. would actually kill the endeavors pioneer spirit.

*Amazing ART by Mehdi MeSSrro