the syntropist Amazing ART by Shubham Dhgae

If you look at history, innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.

Steven Johnson (born 1968), Science author & media theorist

The Syntropist is the artifact enabling such a new way of augmented co-creation. It brings people together, no matter if they bring intelligence, creativity, hands, tools, money… The platform is for those, who have felt alone with their vision, ideas and insights of such a new paradigm. It unites those that have already transcended the permanent, hypnotic state of the monopoly ratrace, and have anchored in a new paradigm, which so far can only be felt and envisioned, but has not been built physically yet. The Syntropist matches up and equalizes sources (ideas, projects) and resources (money, tools, real estates), based on a shared value system to bring this new paradigm into form.

The syntropist is a trusted assessment and evaluation tool to guarantee that endeavors are truly pioneering. It makes sure that enablers and entrepreneurs are aligned in their vision of a new world. To come together and to do it together in absolute coherence. The separation between personal resources and intellectual property is coming to an end. What is needed is a crystal clear understanding that it can only be done together. The separation is transcended in the moment of mutual respect and appreciation for what everyone brings to the table, combined with a clear inner feeling of: “Let’s do this, together as one.”

*Amazing ART by Shubham Dhage