A true Paradigm Shift.

Life is no longer about individual success.

It is all about co-creating great and inspiring things together.


The human spirit yearns for a world beyond the daily rat race where nothing is ever enough. We crave true connection, purpose, and the opportunity to contribute meaningfully. The current economic model, built on extrinsic motivation and competition, stifles these desires, leading to feelings of isolation, stress, and environmental degradation. It is a win-lose every day, always in favor of capital and profits for the privileged few. 

Introducing the Intrinsic Economy:

We propose a radical paradigm shift to the Intrinsic Economy. This model replaces extrinsic drivers like fear and scarcity with intrinsic motivation, fuelled by the desire for purposeful self-expression, collaboration, and service. It redefines key economic concepts, fostering a more sustainable, prosperous, and fulfilling future for all.

Redefining Key Concepts:

  • Innovation: From using the word as a claim for progress while only serving short-term profits to enhancing imagination as a driver for real fresh proposals and breakthroughs that will truly create new benchmarks.
  • Sustainability: From minimizing resource depletion to thriving in harmony with nature by treating the planet as an equal partner & stakeholder in all of our creations and actions.
  • Philanthropy: From charity to engagement and true empowerment, fostering the intrinsic potential within individuals, and, with it, establishing a new economic model where charity will simply not be necessary anymore.
  • Investment: From maximizing short-term gains to funding purposeful ventures aligned with shared values and long-term societal benefit.
  • Entrepreneurship: From solopreneur to synarchy, unleashing the collective genius. Transcending mere personal wealth creation to building ventures that contribute to shared prosperity and an inspiring future
  • Prosperity: From material abundance to holistic well-being encompassing individual fulfillment, social connection, and environmental reconnection.

How it Works:

The Intrinsic Economy operates on several core principles:

  • Intrinsic Motivation: Do what you love! Individuals are recognized, trusted, and valued for their unique talents and passions, leading them to contribute their best without the need for external pressure and control.
  • Collaboration over Competition: Do it together! Shared purpose and values foster cooperation, leading to more innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Uniqueness Education Model: Celebrate real diversity! Because we are all equal but different, the Intrinsic Economy introduces a new educational model based on an understanding of each human’s creativity and talents, and to support the needs of individuals to master their genius to thrive in life. 


  • Increased individual and societal Well-Being: Intrinsic motivation leads to greater satisfaction, purpose, and social connection. The result is an inspiring, fresh, and joyful lifestyle without any extrinsically driven mass consumerism. 
  • Enhanced innovation: Collaboration, collective genius, and shared purpose unlock the creative potential, leading to breakthrough solutions for global challenges that nobody would ever be able to come up with alone.
  • Environmental sustainability: Co-creation with nature aligned with her dynamics, and respectful resource stewardship ensure a healthy planet for future generations.
  • Reduced inequality: Everyone has the opportunity to thrive based on their unique contributions.

The Key Elements for a New Prosperity Formula:

  • The Odysseys and its endeavors: When you embark on a journey into the unknown, you cannot talk about initiating and managing a project. In a project, you already know all the necessary elements to achieve a desired outcome. You know the team, the resources needed, and in most cases the time frame available to achieve it. A project therefore cannot bring anything new into the world. With this kind of approach and mindset, there is no space for true innovation and breakthroughs.

    The Start-Up World is carrying that myth of innovation and risk. And it loves to sell that myth. The reality is very different. The only uncertainty here is the question of whether a Start-Up will become a Unicorn or die, thanks to its pitch abilities to raise the necessary funds. Nowadays, investment funds and venture capital specialists have their formulas for analytics, to even delete that risk. The result is a Start-Up World that has completely lost its innovative essence. It has become a shark tank of capital-hungry copycats. The only innovation left in this field is the passion of some dreamers and entrepreneurs before they get crushed by the time pressure of the KPI’s, short-term ROI’s, and lack of understanding and support of their investors. The result is entrepreneurs with no space or time for creativity, focusing always on the next investment round, permanently worried about whether or not to be able to continue paying salaries and bills, having to learn how to do Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, IT Management and Finance Management to satisfy all the different stakeholders controlling the forcefield they find themselves in. They simply have no time and space to focus on what truly mattered to them in the first place: creativity and bringing something meaningful into the world. 

    An Odyssey has two unique elements: A destination instead of an outcome, and a committed crew instead of different parties with different agendas. The committed crew knows from day zero, that the path is a slalom full of adventures and situations that will challenge and foster the crew’s collective intelligence, and needs their shared talents and abilities to move forward. The unknown path is a sum of multiple endeavors that asks for everything from the crew. The main ingredient here is mutual, unshakeable trust. The crew knows that there are no guarantees of a successful outcome, but that learning and evolving is a given. As the crew is intrinsically motivated, there is no need for extrinsic carrots in the form of phantom shares, that will pay out in case of a successful exit, IPO etc.  What drives a noble crew is personal fulfillment paired with the inner drive and epic feeling of truly making the world beyond a better place together.

  • The Syntropist: This goes far beyond the matchmaking of projects and resources. A new economic model requires a new tool for the management of resources and sources. The Syntropist introduces the novelty of equalizing the value and importance of human creativity and abilities (sources) to material and economic resources. In an era, where humans are treated as just one more disposable resource, this is already a revolution. The Syntropist is a management tool that makes sure that whatever venture will be created is innovative and in the service of society and nature equally.
    This process to create new ventures has an order: First, an Odyssey is curated, second, the Noble Crew is established, and third, the necessary economic resources are added. When everything is set up, and the commitment of the crew is clear, the Syntropist accompanies the journey towards the destination.

    Although we are envisioning the Syntropist to be an AI-supported real-time platform at a later stage, initially, it works in an analog way with a lot of human interaction and communication, as managing needs for uncertainty requires trustful human relations, and the real-time platform needs reference cases to develop the underlying algorithm. 

  • A Noble Crew: Have you ever experienced a committed group of souls doing something together, with individual emotional maturity? It is beyond magical, and so effortless! This maturity is necessary to be responsible for yourself, your emotions, and your vulnerability. Emotional maturity naturally causes people to be honest and reliable in their congruent words and actions. It is easy to trust such a person. Conflicts become impossible. It is the maturity necessary to tie yourself and your life, like in a rope together with other members of an expedition, towards a new alpinist line in the Himalayas. There is no room for egos and hidden agendas. A Noble Crew shares the same values and vision. It is the same attitude that brings them together. They know they are headed toward somewhere no one has ever gone before. To become a member of a Noble Crew is not a logical decision, weighing the pros and cons. Such a crew is connected through their intuition and their heart. It simply feels so right. A Noble Crew acts as one organism, and there is intrinsic leadership and responsibility in each field without the need for a linear, controlling hierarchy. Each member is responsible for themselves, their engagement, and their commitment. This is the end of the separation of personal agendas of an extrinsic industrial mindset, not adding any real value but causing stress and conflict in most cases: Investors, entrepreneurs, white collars, blue collars, employers, employees, etc. In an Intrinsic Economy, everyone becomes an enabler with what they can contribute with to the Odyssey, be it source, resource, or both.

  • Risk Management: Risk disappears when we know we are doing the right thing because it just feels right. True innovation needs intrinsic ”risk-takers” to truly shift the human paradigm from lack to true prosperity. Prosperity goes beyond being wealthy. It adds ”being of service” to the equation, a feeling that everyone is consciously or unconsciously looking for. Finding our purpose changes everything. The formula is as simple as striking: Service to self equals Service to others. Anything else leads to either an extrinsically motivated capitalist or an extrinsically motivated communist model. When we act from an intrinsic motivation, risk’s scary mask is torn off. Risk implies that you believe you could lose. This fear can only have power over you when you are attached to what you could lose. An intrinsically motivated person knows that there is nothing to lose, but a lot to gain, be it Experience, Fellowship, Joy, Fulfillment, Material Success, Learning… In one word: Prosperity.
    An intrinsic enabler automatically is a philanthropist, sharing his or her excess, no matter the form or size. Excess means, it needs a purpose to be in balance. Anything else is an extrinsically motivated act out of fear of individual survival, holding back resources that are meant to find their creative counterpart, and trying to make money with money to fill the unsatiable inner void, coming from an emotional immaturity.

  • No ownership: Whether we like it or not, ownership, in the sense of possession, fosters separation and a desire to control what is “mine”. It drives humans to amass more and more, to have more control and power. If we are really honest, and we take a close look into natural dynamics, ownership in how we believe it to be is nowhere to be found in nature.
    Our proposal has nothing to do with taking away anything from anyone, and it is far from a communist idea or modern slavery. Yet, by disentangling ownership of a business/company from controlling the assets and the management, we create a completely new, fertile playground for co-creativity. Our approach is using the available elements of the current legal and financial system for a redistribution of resources and power from one to many. It has a not-for-profit foundation at its center that nobody owns, but everyone will feel part of. It is a legal entity that can pay salaries and dividends. A new Holding System that allows management by committed boards and advisors according to crystal clear statutes, but where the management is separated from the ownership of assets. Our approach represents a system that will outlive the founders because its statutes are the guarantee of its lasting purpose. It is neither new nor complex, but this format has never been used before for true prosperity for all.

  • No EXIT & IPO: No extrinsic carrots needed. While these two words are the holy grail of the extrinsic economy, they do not make any sense in an intrinsic model. They represent the myth of the last step to success, the reward for all the hard work done. It’s what is going to liberate you from ever having to work again. It allows you to become one of the few privileged on top of the world.
    To be honest, why would you sell something that you created, doing what you love and what fulfills you, what pays you well, what contributes to the well-being of society and nature, what makes you feel alive and allows you to thrive every day?

    You would only sell something that you created for the sheer purpose of making money. Something created out of an extrinsic motivation. It is what drives mass consumerism and the never-ending desire for more. We accept that many people are motivated in this way, and they are of course allowed to play the game as they want to play it. All we do is setting a new benchmark, and are offering a new alternative for the authentic dreamers in this world. We know that everything we start and create has its own life and evolution, while we are instruments in its service. And that is not for sale, period.

  • ROI: A not-for-profit that pays out dividends? How is that possible? It is. First of all, a not-for-profit can have profits, and that is totally legal. Of course, these profits need to be used to serve the purpose of the statutes of the foundation. Some Odysseys might need resources coming from “resource enablers”. A resource enabler is not an investor. It is a member of the Noble Crew, sharing the same values and vision, equipped with emotional maturity, knowing that uncertainty is certain. This type of enabler might have too many other things going on in life, but loves the idea, and wants to see it created. The way of creating his return on investment is equal to all members of the crew: A financial return in this case in the form of a regular dividend, once the Odyssey starts creating its proper resources. In a long-term view, the main resource enabler will be the mother foundation herself, and she will follow a fair share distribution scheme to five stakeholders: A first part for the Holding Foundation for providing the structure and a second part for the non-profitable entities of the foundation. A third part for the reinvestment in the area/Odyssey for organic growth. A fourth part for the crew. And a fifth part for the city/town/community and environment where the Odyssey takes place. So, when we say, we redefine investment, that is what we mean.

The Road Ahead:

Transitioning to the Intrinsic Economy requires a multifaceted approach:

  • Establishing first References: Nothing is more important for people to have a reference for new, fresh approaches. Most people do not have the ability to envision something based on sheer theory. Most people need to read about it in the news, hear about it in conferences, learn about it in a TED talk, etc. If that triggers their curiosity, they will feel inspired to visit these references to potentially apply them to their lives and work.
  • Sharing the Success Cases: Raising awareness and sharing intrinsic motivation principles through leadership by example, and inviting people to visit and experience the new references.
  • Adapt to each legal Environment to spread globally: Adapt the new model intelligently to the legal and cultural characteristics of each region of the world.
  • Community of Support: Enabling support systems that will foster the adoption of the Intrinsic Economic model.
  • Individual Action: Embracing intrinsic values in our daily lives and supporting businesses and foundations that align with them.
  • Scalability: Bringing the Syntropist to the next levels. First to enable a higher level of efficiency in sources/resources connection. Second introducing fractal management of the system by using innovative software for sources/resources backend management. And third, using the deep learning acquired to scale the system using AI.

This website is the first bold compilation of fresh content for this new formula for Prosperity and the accompanying tool of the Syntropist.

It is an invitation to reflect on this Paradigm Shift and to feel whether this is something you truly want to engage in. 

Let’s ignite a world where everyone can thrive and prosper, driven by purpose, collaboration, and service.

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