A true Paradigm Shift.

Life is no longer about individual success.
It is all about co-creating great and inspiring things together.

Introducing the Intrinsic Economy:

The human spirit yearns for a world beyond the daily rat race where nothing is ever enough. We crave true connection, purpose, and the opportunity to contribute meaningfully. The current economic model, built on extrinsic motivation and competition, stifles these desires, leading to feelings of isolation, stress, and environmental degradation. It is a win-lose every day, always in favor of capital and profits for the privileged few. 

We propose a radical paradigm shift to the Intrinsic Economy. This model replaces extrinsic drivers like fear and scarcity with intrinsic motivation, fuelled by the desire for purposeful self-expression, collaboration, and service. It redefines key economic concepts, fostering a more sustainable, prosperous, and fulfilling future for all.

Redefining Key Concepts:

From using the word as a claim for progress while only serving short-term profits to enhancing imagination as a driver for real fresh proposals and breakthroughs that will truly create new benchmarks.
From minimizing resource depletion to thriving in harmony with nature by treating the planet as an equal partner & stakeholder in all of our creations and actions.
From charity to engagement and true empowerment, fostering the intrinsic potential within individuals, and, with it, establishing a new economic model where charity will simply not be necessary anymore.
From maximizing short-term gains to funding purposeful ventures aligned with shared values and long-term societal benefit.
From solopreneur to synarchy, unleashing the collective genius. Transcending mere personal wealth creation to building ventures that contribute to shared prosperity and an inspiring future.
From material abundance to holistic well-being encompassing individual fulfillment, social connection, and environmental reconnection.

How it Works:

The Intrinsic Economy operates on several core principles.
Intrinsic Motivation
Do what you love! Individuals are recognized, trusted, and valued for their unique talents and passions, leading them to contribute their best without the need for external pressure and control.
Collaboration over Competition
Do it together! Shared purpose and values foster cooperation, leading to more innovative and sustainable solutions.
Uniqueness Education Model
Celebrate real diversity! Because we are all equal but different, the Intrinsic Economy introduces a new educational model based on an understanding of each human’s creativity and talents, and to support the needs of individuals to master their genius to thrive in life.
Enhanced InnovationCollaboration, collective genius, and shared purpose unlock the creative potential, leading to breakthrough solutions for global challenges that nobody would ever be able to come up with alone.
Environmental SustainabilityCo-creation with nature aligned with her dynamics, and respectful resource stewardship ensure a healthy planet for future generations.
Increased individual and societal Well-BeingIntrinsic motivation leads to greater satisfaction, purpose, and social connection. The result is an inspiring, fresh, and joyful lifestyle without extrinsically driven mass consumerism.
Eliminating InequalityEveryone has the opportunity to thrive based on their unique contributions.

The Key Elements for a New Prosperity Formula:

The Road Ahead:

Transitioning to the Intrinsic Economy requires a multifaceted approach:

Establishing first References

Nothing is more important for people to have a reference for new, fresh approaches. Most people cannot envision something based on sheer theory. Most people need to read about it in the news, hear about it in conferences, learn about it in a TED talk, etc. If that triggers their curiosity, they will feel inspired to visit these references to potentially apply them to their lives and work.

Sharing the Success Cases

Raising awareness and sharing intrinsic motivation principles through leadership by example, and inviting people to visit and experience the new references.

Adapt to each legal Environment to spread globally​

Adapt the new model intelligently to the legal and cultural characteristics of each region of the world.

Community of Support​

Enabling support systems that will foster the adoption of the Intrinsic Economic model.

Individual Action

Embracing intrinsic values in our daily lives and supporting businesses and foundations that align with them.


Bringing The Syntropist to the next levels. First to enable a higher level of efficiency in sources/resources connection. Second, introducing fractal management of the system by using innovative software for sources/resources backend management. And third, using the deep learning acquired to scale the system using AI.

This website is the first bold compilation of fresh content for this new formula for Prosperity and the accompanying tool of The Syntropist. It is an invitation to reflect on this Paradigm Shift and to feel whether this is something you truly want to engage in.
Let’s ignite a world where everyone can thrive and prosper, driven by purpose, collaboration and service.
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