the paradigm shifters amazing header art by shubham dhage

I propose to build for eternity

– Filippo Brunelleschi (1377 – 1446)

Brunelleschi had to create unseen machines and tools in order to execute his vision of the Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. His bold attitude was the threshold to the first Renaissance.


In today’s post capitalist world, the attitudes and proposals driven by the mantras of efficiency, growth and profit are not enabling anything truly fresh and new. All they can do is repaint the decks of the Titanic while it is sinking. Social Impact and Sustainability are supposed to bring the hope of a transition, but, if we are truly honest with ourselves, it is nothing but a lifeboat on that same Titanic that will not make it to water and detach in time.

And all of this is perfect as it is! The acceptance of this point is key for understanding the WHY of The Paradigm Shifters. It is not about trying to save or change the old world. It is about creating a new one that makes the old obsolete.

A New Paradigm requires totally new, bold artifacts and approaches that will enable a Second Renaissance. Yes. That is ambitious and seems impossible: A trait that all the visions that were able to shift a paradigm have in common. While those visions might sound crazy to most people, it will never sound ridiculous to a true pioneer. In honor of Brunelleschi and the whole gang* that triggered the First Renaissance, and in order to connect the Past and the Future HERE in the NOW, we created a New Artifact called “THE SYNTROPIST”. And with it, we enable a NEW Paradigm on the flow and interaction of resources and sources (intelligence).  


All the wars on this planet, the whole concept of nations, the industrial revolution and nowadays postcapitalism are based on the (limited and perfect) human perspective on resources, competition and growth. That is the nature of separation of the homo sapiens all day thinking of survival and scarcity. Greed (the fear of not having enough to survive) and Hunger for Power/Fame (the fear of not being good enough to survive) drives all human activities. And by doing so, those fears become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Instead of going further down that road to ruin, there is a new way. It starts with people stepping out of this self-destructive loop. 

We put the focus on the sources for the New Artifact.

Because it is always about people. ALWAYS.

Synergy activates, when we shift Sources & Resources to a higher octave. By harmonizing and connecting what was separated, humanity starts to operate  in SYNTROPY.

Then, and only then, unseen ENDEAVORS are coming ALIVE to the wonder and benefit of all. New ENDEAVORS to create new reference points. New ENDEAVORS inspiring and catalyzing the Second Renaissance. Humanity starts thriving individually and as a whole and the illusionary world of survival and competition comes to an end. 












*read more in the essay “The Beauty of the Black Death”
*Amazing header art by Shubham Dhage