From mistrust to trust.

The Shifters are the new breed of philanthropists, sharing their excess in a committed and conscious way. This goes beyond merely giving money; it’s about offering resources and sources to a greater cause: creativity, talent, wisdom, material resources, funds, and hands-on involvement. Each Shifter brings to the table what they can share. 

Why is this significant? As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs highlights, true, unconditional sharing comes from a place of fulfillment, not personal gain. This is where Shifters operate – in a zone of abundance where sharing fosters joy, inspiration, and awe.

Shifters share themselves through Odysseys. Traditionally, philanthropy meant donating money. Shifters redefine this by sharing visions, dreams, talents, and resources through The Syntropist, fueled by intrinsic motivation.

Every member of a committed Noble Crew is a Shifter. Their collective co-creation fosters a sense of equality and shared purpose. This shatters the old paradigm of hierarchies and creates a new reference point for collaboration.

Shifters are living proof that the Intrinsic Economy, where everyone thrives, is possible. Unlike traditional economies focused solely on material gain, True Prosperity encompasses the fullness of life, including health, fulfilling relationships, a feeling of belonging, and a strong sense of purpose.

True Prosperity means doing what you love, unapologetically. It’s about living a life worth living, something Shifters exemplify and inspire others to pursue.

The Shifters ARE proudly sharing an attitude:

Beauty is our north, unconditional is our key, and a New Humanism based in Emotional Maturity is at the core of our basis.

Do you feel like a Shifter, too? It starts here.

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