Join the Noble Crew and co-create an inspiring Future!

Imagine: a world built on collaboration, sustainability, and true prosperity. A world where everyone contributes their unique talents and resources to create a meaningful shift. This isn’t just a dream; it is the Paradigm Shift that is already happening and that you can be part of! 

Beyond Donations: Active Co-Creation

Forget traditional philanthropy, classic (charity) fundraisers, crowdfunding and donation models. We embody a new approach to true philanthropy as active engagement, where you bring your whole self to the table. Whether you offer your skills, time, resources, or financial support, every contribution fuels our collective ventures for a beyond better world. 

Your unique contribution, regardless of its form, is valued and essential.

Your engagement is more than just a donation of money or time; it is active participation in shaping the future. You’ll connect with like-hearted individuals of the Noble Crew, learn new skills, and contribute to something bigger than yourself. Together, we rewrite the rules of engagement and chart a new course towards a thriving future for all.

Engage in Pioneering Odysseys:

There is a tremendous variety of exciting Odysseys across diverse areas, each tackling unique challenges and offering multiple ways to contribute. Whether you’re passionate about arts, creativity, true innovation, craftsmanship, architecture, humanities and philosophy, human dynamics, human design, hologenetics, the human transformational journey and support, organizational and legal structure, management and development for thriving teams, backend systems, resources and sources flow, project management, agile, coding, technology or artificial intelligence, and more…, there is an Odyssey waiting for you to share your passion.

Explore Our Diverse Areas

You can find what resonates with your journey and engage yourself in various areas. They are all interdependent, and completed sub-endeavors are unlocking the next activities. Each area is filled with multiple Odysseys, and their sub-endeavors. New areas will be listed and explained here as they become disclosed and available.

First Available Odysseys

A lot is already happening, but – we are flying under the radar. 

An endeavor of building a New Paradigm needs to grow without making noise. It only works with truly aligned and committed people, sharing the same values and vision, who feel an intrinsic urge to do this together without any personal agenda. Without the shared clarity of “This is bigger than me”, it won’t be successful. Old ways of selling, fundraising, convincing others or trying to pull people in have therefore no place here. This means trusting the law of synchronicity and have patience for it to occur. Such patience leads to stable roots for the whole organism.
Currently, through pure synchronicities, newcomers are finding the already COMMITTED SHIFTERS organically, they get in touch, they interact and get curious, they follow their impulse to meet and exchange personally, and they start engaging and contributing, too.
Companionship with human touch and interaction is key. While technology has its many advantages, and makes our lives easier in many ways, it cannot replace the human connection and feeling of mutual trust and understanding. You need to get to know each other personally and build a relationship. That is why you will not find a traditional “join us” or “donate” button here. 
We don’t have to outsmart the laws of the universe. You might wonder why there are no newsletters, social media channels, blogs or similar. They are simply not required when you have nothing to sell, and when you operate on pure synchronicity.

Join the Movement, Make a Difference:

By joining the Paradigm Shifters, you become part of a global Noble Crew joining forces together to create a thriving world. This is your chance to be part of something truly transformative and creative with your unique essence, talents and gifts, to enable a Paradigm Shift.

If you feel the call, reach out to The Beyondables, and let’s have a first conversation to share your courage, enthusiasm, readiness and availability with us, and to answer questions you might have.

If all of that lights you up from the inside out, and triggers your thirst for more, come and visit us for a full OPERATION 044 BRIEFING & INTERACTIVE TOUR through our beautiful prototype city.

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