The mother foundation, direction and frame for all of our Odysseys and endeavors. You could say it is THE ODYSSEY of our lifetime. Over many years, we have learned through experience and prototyping how to (and how not to) build a New Paradigm where people actually find what they are looking for their whole life: Love and Joy. Those are qualities of life that can only come from an intrinsic, playful place, when we are and do what we are truly passionate about, in an environment where we feel completely safe to be ourself.  

Our Mother Foundation’s vision is to research, inspire, and seed a framework, dynamics and content of a new human civilization (superorganism) beyond the currently thinkable in all fields of human activity, in which EVERYONE can win and thrive. NO EXCEPTIONS. PERIOD. 

To do that, we are inspiring the unlearning of current individual and collective belief systems and social programming of lack, separation and survival. We support each committed individual to remember and foster their uniqueness for their special contribution to society in a permanent, playful and fun augmented co-creation and collaboration. We enable the true empowerment of individuals by creating amazing WTF, WOW, AHA chain reactions of cognitive dissonance, through emotionally inspiring and impacting content and leadership by example. 

The founders of the NEOGEO Foundation have developed a flawless vision and concept with a clear strategic frame and base values, tried and challenged through many experiments and prototypes, that is now ready to be implemented in a first prototype city environment with a holistic, multidimensional masterplan, including urbanism, infrastructure, a brand new intrinsic economic model centered in creativity, education, humanism, health etc. People who have already joined and committed to the Odyssey have full access to this endeavor and all concept details. 

In order for the Foundation to become fully operational, and to unlock the next sub endeavors and activities in the queue, a seed enabling and funding is required for the first two years of preparation, setting up and kick-off, which consists of legal costs, travel expenses and core team salaries. This intrinsic seed investment is the firestarter to ignite the whole New Paradigm of thriving. 

Here, you can discover more about NEOGEO.

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