Pioneering Odysseys.

Beyond Projects, Beyond Limits:

Welcome to the realm of Odysseys. Here, we boldly navigate the uncharted territories of Pioneering Odysseys, venturing far beyond the confines of traditional projects. Fueled by courage, collaboration, and a shared vision for a brighter future, we embark on new adventures that rewrite the rules and redefine the possible.

Embracing Uncertainty:

Every Odyssey is a daring leap into uncharted territory. Though a clear vision steers the Noble Crew, the path ahead unfolds with unexpected twists, turns, and challenges. For true pioneers, this is not a source of fear, but fuel for their fire. These are individuals who thrive on the exhilarating journey of exploration and discovery, embracing uncertainty as an opportunity to learn, adapt, and innovate.

Collective Prosperity, Planetary Well-being:

Paradigm Shifter Odysseys are driven by a singular goal: prosperity for all. They strive not just for individual success, but for the collective flourishing of humanity and our planet. Every Odyssey contributes to a world where everyone benefits, leaving no one behind.

Anything is possible attitude:

Each Odyssey begins with a spark – a pioneer’s unwavering belief in a possibility that transcends “better” and embraces the necessary transformation of our society and our planet. Unlike traditional projects, these ventures are not confined by predefined goals but are fueled by a shared vision and a burning conviction that anything is possible.

Yes, we hear the question, “What will you build?” However, defining Odysseys solely by their outcomes limits their true potential. Instead, we invite you to join a journey of exploration and discovery where the possibilities are limitless.

Imagine each Odyssey as a proposal for the future, a collaborative experiment fueled by intrinsic motivation and a shared commitment to a thriving planet. We don’t map a single destination; we co-create the path together, adapting and innovating as we navigate uncharted territory.

This is the essence of The Syntropist: a platform where dreams and visions meet action, where anything is possible, and where we redefine what it means to build a brighter future.

Odysseys can resonate with various areas, but their innovative nature and spirit of organic growth often transcend specific categories. The first areas where Odysseys are already blossoming include Arts, Science, Humanities, Hologenetics, Uniqueness Education, and the very development of the Intrinsic Economy System and its applications.

Even more fascinating possibilities are on the horizon, like Habitats and Renaturalization (beyond traditional urbanism), New models of Energy, or A New Health based on the Science of Emotions. However, as we emphasize throughout this website, organic growth is paramount.

Remember the core message of this platform: when venturing into the unseen, we must create inspiring references. This means prioritizing excellence and pursuit of perfection over speed and quantity, for we are building a legacy that will endure.

Join us on this transformative journey. Explore existing Odysseys, contribute your unique talents, and become part of shaping a future where anything is possible.

Odysseys’ simple Elements:

While the core principles of an Odyssey might sound complex, the underlying system is designed for elegance and simplicity. To preserve this essence, each Odyssey functions as a journey composed of multiple, interconnected, and interdependent sub-endeavors. Think of these sub-endeavors as stepping stones, each paving the way for the next, ultimately leading toward the overarching vision. An Odyssey can have hundreds of such sub-endeavors, often starting with a manageable 10, then organically growing through the learnings and insights gained along the way.

This intricate structure demands a radically different approach to time and resource management compared to traditional investment models. Whether we’re talking about the flashy startup scene or mature stock exchange ventures, the paradigms and tools employed simply don’t translate. This is because Odysseys exist within a dynamic landscape where adaptability is paramount.

Here’s where human intelligence reigns supreme. Unlike Excel formulas or even the most advanced AI, human intuition possesses the unique ability to navigate the ever-shifting currents of an Odyssey. It’s this sixth sense, this inherent capacity for adaptation, that allows us to manage the intricate “serpent” of sub-endeavors that unfolds before us.


Each Odyssey is guided by a clear vision and shared values, providing direction and framework without rigidly defining outcomes.
Intrinsic motivation fuels every sub-endeavor, anchored in the universal principles of nature and a thriving human society.
Noble Crews, united by purpose and a shared desire to reshape the future, drive the journey forward.
Real-time navigation replaces rigid timelines, demanding a blend of collective wisdom, real-time data, and unwavering intuition to navigate the unknown.

By embracing this human-centric approach, we unlock the true potential of Odysseys – transformative journeys that pave the way for a brighter future for humanity and our planet.

“The practical success of an idea, irrespective of inherent possibilities, depends on the attitude of contemporaries.”

Why Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison would join us.

Embracing the Power of Failure – the Key to unlocking revolutionary Solutions.

Imagine: 1901. Nikola Tesla, a fiery inventor, unveils his revolutionary Wardenclyffe Tower, promising a world connected by invisible waves, transmitting information across the Atlantic wirelessly. He sees so clearly, what his vision will contribute to humanity’s future and evolution as a species. John Pierpoint Morgan, lured by the potential of large profits, invests. But Tesla’s vision of global connectivity goes far beyond Morgan’s narrow ambition: He dreams of a world united, information flowing freely across continents.

Meanwhile, the competition flares. Marconi, a rival, illegally utilizes 17 Tesla’s patented technologies, achieving the first transatlantic transmission. J.P. Morgan feels like he lost the race and with it his potential financial gains. He cannot see any reason to continue funding Tesla’s endeavor and pulls out of the deal. 

Tesla’s story resonates deeply. It embodies the struggles of pioneers, people who can see so clearly, what others are not able to grasp or relate to yet. They face resistance, skepticism, and lack of support, bound by paradigms that prioritize short-term gains over transformative breakthroughs. 

Fast forward to today: The world craves innovation, but the same challenges remain. The same paradigm reigns, prioritizing short-term gains over revolutionary ideas, leaving pioneers stranded or burnt-out with their intentions to bring true innovation for a brighter tomorrow.
That is why we built the Syntropist. This platform empowers visionaries like Tesla, providing the right resources and support through a network that is intrinsically driven by purpose to transform their dreams into reality.

Why would both Tesla and Edison, his historical rival, choose The Syntropist?

  • The Syntropist transcends competition and fosters collaboration instead: Imagine these two titans, no longer having to convince and fight hard for resources. Without this pressure, their past differences would fade, and they would unite their talents and gifts, driven by a shared passion to change and inspire the world. 
  • The Syntropist operates from intrinsic motivation: It values the visionary behind the vision as much as it values the resource enabler. It is all about people, knowing the only way to truly innovate is to do it together. 
  • The Syntropist has a long-term view and understanding. Remember Edison’s words: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 1,000 ways that won’t work.” Today’s financial markets and investors prioritize efficiency and ROI, leaving no room for the necessary “failures” that pave the way for true innovation. This freedom to fail and learn is a key element in an Odyssey and a major driver for evolution. Therefore, a long-term commitment is required for new, groundbreaking ideas.

As pioneers with similar experiences in the past, we knew that there was a missing element. A tool that would bring pioneers and visionaries together, supporting and co-creating with each other, allowing each person to contribute only with what they should be focused on, instead of being distracted by many different topics and chores to somehow run their company or project. This is how the vision of The Syntropist was born.

Building the benchmark of the New Normal:

These pioneering ventures serve as beacons of inspiration, demonstrating that a different way exists. They pave the path for others to follow, establishing new paradigms for a future built on collaboration, sustainability, and shared prosperity. Trailblazers for a new way of being. By forging new paths, we inspire others to join the movement and create a ripple effect of positive change.