The Syntropist: Aligning Purpose and Passion.

“Syntropy: The universal law whereby the total energy within a system is exponentially increased through a philanthropic mutual exchange rooted in a higher order of consciousness.”
-Richard Rudd, the Glossary of Empowerment

The New Tool for True Prosperity:

The Intrinsic Economy needs innovative tools to connect individuals and resources around ventures with a shared purpose and shared values. We are introducing The Syntropist, your gateway to a future where collaboration thrives and everyone benefits. The Syntropist is THE new tool that enables the most inspiring and greatest Odysseys and endeavors that will define a new, prosperous age of humanity.

Unleashing Intrinsic Motivation:

Imagine a real-time platform that guarantees everyone involved at every level is driven by a genuine desire to contribute to ventures for a beyond better world. The Syntropist achieves this by meticulously vetting all the proposals for Odysseys and endeavors, ensuring they align with the principles and values of an Intrinsic Economy that we are freshly introducing in this web. Odysseys have no room for power plays or hidden agendas. Instead, they are built on mutual trust and a collective commitment to true prosperity. 

Finding Your Crew:

The Syntropist fosters connections between like-hearted individuals, forming vibrant groups of committed humans around “creativity with purpose.” Whether you offer your talents, skills, tools, resources, or simply your enthusiasm, you’ll find your perfect Noble Crew to co-create meaningful ventures in any field of human activities.

Beyond Monetary ROI:

Forget short-term gains. The Syntropist prioritizes long-term prosperity. Odysseys are driven by the innate desire to see positive shifts manifesting in the world, with the natural backflow of success benefiting everyone involved. The driver, the purpose here is not a monetary ROI, no, it is the innate wish to make a venture a reality. The ROI is a natural long-term return of the successful venture for everyone who takes part in its co-creation, including nature. 

Guaranteed Transparency:

Rest assured, every venture on The Syntropist is carefully evaluated for its intrinsic motivation and commitment to genuine innovation in the service of humanity and our beautiful planet. These are not just ideas – they are blueprints for a beyond better future, inspiring others to follow suit.

The Vetting Process:

The Syntropist’s vetting process goes beyond traditional evaluations. It delves deep into the visionary’s motivation, ensuring that only pioneering ideas driven by intrinsic purpose are entering the process of organization, acompaniment, and creation.

How the New Tool operates at the Beginning:

The Paradigm Shifters is a partner initiative of the NEOGEO Foundation. It starts operating in an analog, human-driven way, with the first Odysseys of the Foundation. This way, The Syntropist starts working and radiating its magnetics to synchronize with more ventures in the world. In the section ENGAGE YOURSELF, you will soon find a list of interdependent Odysseys and endeavors, unlocking and enabling each other with a domino effect, synchronizing the flow of sources and resources needed.

Will the New Tool be available to Everyone:

Yes, in a next phase, there will be an automated process to engage yourself, with your innovative ideas for Odysseys and endeavors, or with your precious talents, skills, abilities, and resources. If you feel you have something you would like to share with us before, or you would like to form part of this evolution, please reach out and tell us more about your intentions!

The Horizon that AI will enable:

After the deep learning of the human, analog process we will scale it into our own AI, which will operate with the same underlying values, variables, and prerequisites, in order to facilitate the organic growth of the real-time platform, and to make it accessible for anyone.

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